This week mood: flowers.

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(EN) Girly. I know it is not time to think about flowers but what do you want it is stronger than me! Just think about beautiful floral clothes, just do that. And with this heatwave I am wearing them a lot. So, I leave you this week with some floral inspiration.



(EN) Pearls. Remember that Monday I talked to you about my beloved pearls? This is how I like to incorporate them in my looks in a subtle way that makes all the difference. I know that this post came a little late but these last three days have been hellish. Tomorrow I will move to another house for my last year internship, I am all cray cray with the many things I have to bring with me (not jk!). This time I am going to Coimbra, yei! Wish me luck in this new stage of my life!
That said, these days I preferred to wear comfortable outfits as I had many errands to do and it is clear that the black had to be strongly present.


Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation: review.

(EN) Perfect. Today is Wednesday, so who is an assiduous follower here knows that is beauty day! And those who don´t follow the blog and want to be part of it follow me, you won´t regret. But today I bring you a product that since the first use that stole the role from any other foundation I own. This is the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation (give me Rimmel!). What they claim: "A match so perfect, it's undetectable in any light! Light Perfecting radiance foundation. Traceless coverage and perfectly flawless skin under any light Lasts all day. SPF 18". They promise a lot, uh? In my experience I tell you they fulfill the promises. It's a fluid and light foundation, great for everyday but can easily be built. The smell is a big bonus, has one of the nicest smells. Altogether there are 8 shades from lighter shades to darker shades. I chose two shades that I show in the picture, Light Nude (102) and Soft Beige (200). For my perfect color I like to mix these two. A little note about the price: I paid 4.99 euros for it in Clarel but I've seen at other stores close to 15 euros.

Verdict: This foundation exceeded completely my expectations. It is now part of my day routine. My only advise for anyone who has a combination/oily skin like mine is to apply a matte powder to eliminate excess shine. Would I buy it again? Of course, I am already thinking about buying backups! 


This week mood: pearls.

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(EN) Delicate. I admit that since I was a little girl that I love pearls. Perhaps due to the influence of my mother, she wore the most beautiful pearl necklaces I've ever seen. They are the perfect accessory for a minimalistic style, with a few simple earrings or rings, or for a more fun look, with a statement necklace. Love it! And I don´t know why, during the colder weather I like to wear them more than any other type of jewelry, they are the perfect piece for my minimalistic outfits. So this week I leave you with some beautiful inspirations of how to wear pearls.


Sweater weather.

(EN) Dark. The weather gets darker and so my clothes. But in my defense, I used a lot of color in summer, now let me use my beloved black, it's his time. But I'm still not ready to completely let go of summer clothes, you will still see some fresh looks in here for this transition time!


Tidebuy Lolita Dress.

Lolita. Maybe you´ll be surprised by this kind of post, but truth be told, I always felt a little attracted to Japanese culture more specifically with fashion, well, this is a fashion blog. The "Lolita" style is for me one of the most peculiar and this is what I bring to you today. I know it isn´t everyone´s cup of tea, but fashion isn´t only what we see on the big brands and ready-to-wear stores, fashion also comes from another cultures that we may not know well.
To give you a little more about this culture, I joined with Tidebuy, an online store that sells Lolita dresses at affordable prices and with good quality. With a wide variety of dresses of this style that you will surely like. From Gothic Lolita dresses, white Lolita dresses, pink Lolita dresses, classic Lolita dresses, I think you get the idea. As I said, for all tastes. To get a better sense of what I'm talking about, I leave you with a selection of Tidebuy Lolita dresses I liked the most and don´t forget to enter the links to see a description of each dress in more detail.


This week mood: sweater.

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(EN) Cold. The weather is really changing. I don´t know if I'm ready for it. Just last week I was paying some visits (although short ones) to the beach and this week I already wrap in warm sweaters. But we have to see the positive side: the sweaters are beautiful so what is there left to do is enjoy it while it is just cold and we don´t have to walk with our umbrellas and warm coats. Let's enjoy this fall to dig up all those cute and comfortable sweaters and though we don´t like to admit it, we had already missed wear them.