This week mood: flats.

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Monday. Another week is starting so it's time for another “This week mood”! I've been obsessed with flats shoes and sneakers for the last months. Must be of my age, I only feel like myself with my feet firmly on the ground! I swear to you that this kind of shoes are already part of my daily basis, and not for just casual looks. Try a more fancy outfit with a pair of sneakers and you'll see that you won´t regret it.
This Friday I will show you a pair of shoes that won my heart and are super trendy. (And don´t say anything to anyone, I bought them for about 8 euros!!!)


July stars.

July. Another month ended so it´s time to show you what I´ve been loving.

1. It has been an inseparable partner for my relaxing/pamper nights. It has a pleasant scent for summer, nothing too strong just how I like it.

2. I have shown you this nail polish on the last post and it definitely won a place in my heart. The color is incredible, perfect for hot summer days.

3. At this point all I want for daily basis is a natural and quick makeup. So I´ve been loving this lip product that besides being moisturizing has a beautiful wash of color.

4. Oddly, my lips get even drier during summer and I have to reach more frequently for moisturizing and exfoliating products. What I do to have both in one single product is adding in a small bowl a bit of pure petroleum jelly and sugar. And that´s it, moisturized and exfoliated lips in one step.

5. This lipstick is already a favorite of mine for some time. A dark nude, long lasting and comfortable on the lips. And for just 2 euros. Need I say more?

6. As you know, since a few months ago my skin got extremely dry and sensitive and so I have to be extra careful. I used to take of my makeup with micellar water and then with a cleansing milk from Sephora and it worked well. But as I empted my cleanser I decided to try something new, so I bought this gel. It is suitable for sensitive skin and the best of it isn´t drying for my skin! I just have to say it was a right choice.

7. This eye pallet has already made an appearance here and continues to be one of the best I own. Versatile colors, ideal for simple makeup that lately I´ve been loving (#lazygirl). Despite being expensive, the quality is unbelievable. I highly recommend it!

Now tell me, what are your favorites beauty products? 



Formula X - A Little Sexy

Blue. Since last year I have an obsession with blue, especially baby blue. And this obsession does not stop with clothing but also goes through nails. I have been trying to find the perfect color but so far without success. But I think this one came to steal my heart (and my nails!).


This week mood: bags.

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Details. I've never been a girl of many bags, just the basic ones, fairly neutral colors like black or nude. But I confess that it makes all the difference in a look. I will stay faithful to my neutrals (my boyfriend gave me a new one that I'm dying to show you!!) but I love to see the most adventurous girls with colorful bags. Someday I´ll have the guts to wear them!


This week mood: change.

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Special. From time to time I like to change a little bit my appearance. Whether a different lipstick than I usually wear, a different hairstyle or even hair color. A change, however small it is can lead to an increased self-esteem and that's why I love to do it! Perhaps the most "crazy" change was cutting my hair really short but it felt so good! Recently I changed the way I dress, despite loving minimal clothing, I´ve learned to wear some color and it's amazing how little things can make us feel wonderful. And get ready to see a change in my hair on Friday!


Basic Summer Makeup.

Essential. All I want for summer is simple things. Including makeup. Fresh and easy. 
What I show you today is perfect for anyone who wants to take the first steps into the world of makeup but don´t know how. For me, there is nothing like a fresh and even skin, thanks to my dear BB cream, I can´t get enough of it! For the eyes I like to keep them simple, an eyeshadow to create some dimension and mascara to give volume to my lashes. I am pale and I can´t get almost any sun so I use bronzers, for a healthier look and lately I´ve been loving the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, it has the perfect shade for me. On a daily basis I like my nudes but I also love to play with different shades in an evening out.
Never forget that makeup exists to make you feel good, so wear it as you wish and play with it, because for me, makeup is a way to have fun.


This week mood: travel.

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Dream out loud. Today's post is a little different than the usual. Usually on Mondays I show you what has been inspiring me, whether it´s fashion or beauty. During last week I was ill, confined to bed, unable to summon the strength to do anything. I couldn´t write anything for the blog, I know I should have published on Friday but I got ill the day I was going to shoot. This weekend, when I was thinking about the inspiration for this week, I thought of how unpredictable life is and how we should seize the moment. And for me is all about pursuing our dreams, no matter how hard the journey will be. I know how much it takes, most of my dreams involve leave my country, my home and the people I care. But are sacrifices we have to do in order to be happy, because nothing should be more important than our own happiness. For me the key to it lies in achieving my dreams and goals. Whoever follows me from the beginning know that I always wanted to live in England. I know it seems scary to make such a big change alone, but I know it will make me feel accomplished and proud to pursue my dreams. That said, don´t fear the future, do crazy stuff and be happy, no matter what. And don´t you ever forget that happiness comes from the inside!