Tidebuy Lolita Dress.

Lolita. Maybe you´ll be surprised by this kind of post, but truth be told, I always felt a little attracted to Japanese culture more specifically with fashion, well, this is a fashion blog. The "Lolita" style is for me one of the most peculiar and this is what I bring to you today. I know it isn´t everyone´s cup of tea, but fashion isn´t only what we see on the big brands and ready-to-wear stores, fashion also comes from another cultures that we may not know well.
To give you a little more about this culture, I joined with Tidebuy, an online store that sells Lolita dresses at affordable prices and with good quality. With a wide variety of dresses of this style that you will surely like. From Gothic Lolita dresses, white Lolita dresses, pink Lolita dresses, classic Lolita dresses, I think you get the idea. As I said, for all tastes. To get a better sense of what I'm talking about, I leave you with a selection of Tidebuy Lolita dresses I liked the most and don´t forget to enter the links to see a description of each dress in more detail.


This week mood: sweater.

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(EN) Cold. The weather is really changing. I don´t know if I'm ready for it. Just last week I was paying some visits (although short ones) to the beach and this week I already wrap in warm sweaters. But we have to see the positive side: the sweaters are beautiful so what is there left to do is enjoy it while it is just cold and we don´t have to walk with our umbrellas and warm coats. Let's enjoy this fall to dig up all those cute and comfortable sweaters and though we don´t like to admit it, we had already missed wear them.


A world of choice.

(EN) Choice. You don´t know how happy I was when I discovered this online store: www.tidebuy.com. Just look at the pieces I show in here, completely me! Well, the link I have here today is the link for an online store that sells clothing and accessories with a wide variety of choice. And I tell you that I was completely crazy when I saw that the size of the pieces is not one size, there are various sizes and in addition they help you choose the right one with measurements. Perfect, isn´t it? Another aspect that you doesn´t have to worry about is shipping. They ship worldwide and it isn´t too expensive. Another aspect that I like a lot is the fact that they accept returns. Pretend you receive the item at home and it doesn´t fit or even you don´t like it. It doesn´t matter, don´t take off the tags and contact the Customer Service.
The more time I spend wandering the site more will I have to buy everything. Believe that I will soon place an order and I assure you it will be a big one!



Maxi. I don´t know why I didn´t show you this dress before. Not only is my favorite dress ever as it suits any situation, literally. I wore it more often than I want to admit. So, today I show you a perfect option for this transition weather (it isn´t Summer, it isn´t Autumn, baaaah!) a perfect look and super comfortable for a trip to the mall or a coffee with friends. And of course, I had to include my favorite boots ever!


Say yes to the dress!

(EN) Special. If there's one thing I like is to feel special in all my outfits. But I confess that in special occasions I like to feel that little extra. A stunning dress, different, one that tells a story. That's what I am looking for, leave a statement on the party with our personal style, because let's be truthful, it´s time to take (selfiessssss!) lots of photographs, so the memory of our dress is an important thing. Who doesn´t like to feel more special once in a while, even for just a few hours? I love it! So I was super happy when I got to know this online store: www.avivadress.co.uk. It is the answer to all my problems of finding the perfect dress for the occasion in question! Believe me, there are dresses to suit all tastes and pockets.
Starting at the beginning: you should be questioning, but after all what is it? An online store? If you thought it that´s correct. They are an online store specializing in wedding, prom and evening dresses. Almost every day great deals appears on the site so I assure you that for sure you will adore and fall in love with one (or more) dress with a very tempting and friend of any pocket, especially when there is the offer of free shipping when you spend a certain value on items at the online store. And let's look at the dresses: just look at some of the styles that are sold, from formal dresses to beautiful wedding dresses and let me tell you, completely body friendly, long prom dresses, evening dresses and cocktail dresses. No matter what body type you have because here you won´t have any problem choosing one that fits perfectly in both of your body and style. Problems with the colors don´t exist (only with choosing, so many options! Not JK!), since they have the classic black, white, to baby blue and mint you´ll certainly find the right color for that special event you want to go perfect. And if you are a bride, please, please make a visit to the part of the wedding dresses, I tell you, I wish I was a bride just to wear one of these, believe me. Are you not a bride? But you have to go to a wedding? So don´t despair, here you could find that formal dress to make that one frenemy jealous! And to my younger readers: need the perfect prom dress to leave your crush breathless? Then see the section of prom dresses and if you want my opinion, see the long dresses for a more sophisticated look.


This week mood: boots.

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Rain. When last week I told you that I love autumn, was certainly not talking about the part when it rains cats and dogs. I don´t miss my frizzy hair, the wet clothes and neither the messy makeup. But there is one thing I was missing: boots! They are my best friends and I currently own over 15 pairs (upssssssss). And I am such a good friend that I leave you some inspirations to brighten your day!



Light. This week I took advantage of the last sunny days (when I'm on vacation) to use and abuse the light fabrics and colors. What seems like a simple gray skirt is indeed a beautiful strap dress (and it only cost me 2 euros!!) and I decided to put a baby blue top over to create more texture to the look. A super casual and basic outfit upgraded with the right accessories.

PS- I am loving wearing dresses with sneakers and cute socks!