Birkenstocks on my feet.

To trend or not to trend. Truth to be told, when I began to see that the historical Birkenstock had come to stay, I was reluctant. If there were shoes that I hated were these ones. But as time went by and they started to appear in runways with alternative models, I give up on hating them. Fashion exists for having fun (or so I think), to take risks and reinvent our personal style. Said that, I am completely surrendered to Birkenstock and I'm already thinking of buying more models for the summer. 


This week mood: Spring.

(EN) Dresses. And the heat has finally arrived! All I can dream of are beautiful dresses and bared legs. Definitely have to take a day to do some shopping and update my (wide) wardrobe.
I leave you with some great options from online store Dressale that never disappoints me with its magnificent pieces.


There is no place like home.

Nostalgia. I haven´t moved yet and nostalgia already hit me. Since 3 years ago I spend very little time at my real home. I moved to Aveiro to attend the University there, but weekends were way too short to spend quality time. But in the next two months I will move to another house in another town. Although I am excited about this change, this will bring many more responsibilities. Now, I just hope this new chapter in my life will bring positive experiences!
So today I decided to take some photographs in my home, since the weather today didn´t help much. I´m seriously trying to use lighter colors to get completely accustomed for summer (sorry, but I just can´t wear a lot of black in the summer). And finally had the opportunity to show you my all time favorite necklace! And I loved his price: 2.99 euros!



Sun. Despite the cold I can finally see the sun (and leave home without getting wet). After spending a quite painful morning in my beautician (I hate this time of the month, grrrrr!), I decided to enjoy the wonderful sun despite the cold. But nothing that a visit to a wonderful bar didn´t solve.
Gone are the days that I wore high heels every day. And today I reminded why I left them aside (temporarily, of course). The shoes that I once claimed to be the most comfortable of my collection, yes I´ve got to the point of calling the amount of shoes that I own, collection, hurt me like hell and didn´t spend 5 minutes without verbalizing my great distress. And they aren´t even my highest heels! I spent the rest of the day debating with myself: did I lose the strength to wear high heels? Well, I hope not because I'm with a huge desire to wear them again!


Dream shoes.

Pure love. Summer hasn´t started yet and I'm already looking for the perfect pair of shoes and, lucky me, Dressale has many options! I spent several hours drooling myself in the shoes section (you know that I have a "slight" obsession with shoes!) and managed to compile my favorites here. Curious? Then take a look on Dressale because not only the shoes are wonderful but the dresses are also to die for!



Born Pretty. This week I had a gift in my mailbox (yei!). And to my joy it was a gorgeous necklace and a beautiful ring from online store Born Pretty. I can tell you that this necklace was a hit among many people today! And I think it's safe to say that I found my favorite necklace! The ring is also beautiful, very simple and it will always look good with any outfit. I assure you that the online store is reliable and the products are of excellent quality. And wait! The prices are extremely appealing! So I recommend you to visit the online store Born Pretty and if you order something (let me warning you that it is impossible not to order anything!) introduce the code APMT10 to take advantage of a 10% discount!


The sun.

Finally. And we have sun! I admit I was already craving for warmer weather. But I'm also honest; I'm still not mentally prepared to walk around just in tees and bare legs!
I am having an intense week filled with exams and things to do and tiredness already begins to overtake me. But today I took a little time to relax a bit and let me tell you that felt so good!

Tell me, how´s your week?