Happy New Year.

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New Year. I know that you must be tired of seeing posts and texts about New Year's resolutions and other adjacent futilities. I do not promise that this will be any different but I felt the need to follow one of the many dreams I have: fully devote myself to the concept of my blog, because, after all, this is what really gives me pleasure. I also know that I've been a little of, especially after I just finish to say I love my blog but with my student life (almost a Nurse), take the blog to a serious level is almost impossible. And I will be completely honest with you; it is not lack of time. Imagine spending more than seven hours per day in a hospital without one single moment to rest. As you can imagine the last thing I want to do when I get home is to be in front of the computer or go outside and take photographs. It's not lack of love for this space but it is the psychological and physical exhaustion I suffer every single day. I thought a lot during these Christmas holidays, whether or not to give up the blog. But I decided that I will not give up, it is part of who I am and without The Golden Soul my life would not be the same. And instead of whining during my internship I will use the blog as a source of distraction, a break from reality. So my biggest resolution for 2015 will be dedicate myself with all my soul to this project that has brought me so much joy. And I would like to share with you my other resolutions for this year:
2. Be more organized;
3. Move to England;
4. Start a new career;
5. Have a full-time job;
6. Lose weight;
7. Increase my makeup collection;
8. Be more patient;
9. Spend more time with old friends;
10. Relax more;
11. Be less lazy;
12. Be happy!

I hope this year will bring good things and I hope you take this journey with me!



(EN) Unusual. It is unusual to see me rocking sporty clothes but since I laid my eyes on this skirt it was love at first sight. And since that day I didn´t stop wear it (and I'm not regretting anything!). Today I take the opportunity to show you my new haircut! I was already willing to cut my hair again and I couldn´t decide the length. But in a moment of insane courage, more than half of my hair was gone. And I couldn´t be happier with the result!


This week mood: sporty.

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(EN) Sporty. You know one of those days when you don´t feel like wear absolutely nothing (it isn´t like nothing, well, you get what I meant!)? For me is ahead a full week of that I guess. A rainy and cold weather just makes me want to wear cozy sweaters and sneakers. But don´t expect to see me in sweat pants or things like that. I like this trend sparingly, sneakers combined with an overcoat or even a beanie paired with heels. In this case, I think that opposites get pretty well. What do you guys think?


Camo fun.

(EN) Comfy. Above everything else, I like to have fun. Of course it sometimes overlaps on my looks, such as today. I told you that I had a fantastic pair of pants to show you! 


My Sephora essentials.


(EN) Care. Today I thought of bring you some products that however I try something else I always come back to these. Coincidentally they are all from Sephora so I decided to join my top 3 favorite products ever on today´s post. The first product that always comes with me is the eye makeup remover. This one has the particularity to remove waterproof makeup. For me its greatest quality is that remove entirely the mascara! The second product it is a cleansing milk. Let me tell you, this milk helps me control the oiliness of my skin leaving it refreshed and with a very pleasant smell. Finally, a product that, due to its size, I always carry with me: the dry shampoo. It's perfect for those days between washes to remove oiliness. Just spray on the root and problem solved.

Share with me: do you use some Sephora product? Do you have any recommendations?


This week mood: camo.

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(EN) Fun. Fashion doesn´t have to be serious. For seriousness, life is more than enough and I like to take things not so seriously, most of the time. Despite having a very clean style, I like to play with it, bring something interesting to my looks, something that differentiates from all the rest. And this is where the camo comes. So simple yet so unique. Just wait for the pants I want to show you on Friday!


This week mood: flowers.

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(EN) Girly. I know it is not time to think about flowers but what do you want it is stronger than me! Just think about beautiful floral clothes, just do that. And with this heatwave I am wearing them a lot. So, I leave you this week with some floral inspiration.