This week mood: kimono.

Summer. Right now, I just want to wear kimonos. Basically, this summer, I intend to wear them with everything and for every occasion. Nothing delights me more lately than a kimono with a good cut and a fun pattern (although already have in my possession a classic black, of course). With this heat, I leave you with some inspiration for summer days and nights. 


This week mood: Badass.

(EN) Tougher. And finally back. The last few weeks were completely chaotic, ok, I'm exaggerating a bit but they have been harsh. As I already told you, I started my nursing internship away from home.  The stress of finding a house. Then I found one. But I had to move. And with the move the internship began. It was hard (I still have nightmares). Then began another one in a different city. Another moving, yei (not). The 2nd internship began. Less stress and more free time. And voila, here I am, full of energy to bring back to life this space that gives me so much joy!
Without further delay, let's get to what brought me here today. I'll tell you about attitude. Yes, attitude! Fashion is about the attitude that we can transmit through our clothes, don´t you think? To survive these last few weeks of hell I had be tougher and that was reflected on my outfits. A lot of black, leather jackets, dark lipstick, grunge boots (I think you already get it). So, I leave you with some inspiration for when you want to kick some ass!



Different. I told you I was trying to use a little more color and be bolder. And as I keep my promises, here it is. It´s something completely different from what I usually wear but let me say one thing: I felt great out of my comfort zone. So today I leave you with some advice that worked with me: get out of your comfort zone from time to time, try new trends, something that normally you wouldn´t wear. You´ll be surprise with the results, you´ll see.
Well, I´m giving a new opportunity to my heels. So far the relationship is going well.


This week mood: color.

New. I´ve decided to give an opportunity to colors. Yes, colors. But slowly, a colorful accessory here, a colorful top there. Nothing too fancy, because black is, and always will be, my "color". And to celebrate new beginnings, today I launch a new layout, more minimalist and mostly more me. Hope you like it, because I love it!


Birkenstocks on my feet.

To trend or not to trend. Truth to be told, when I began to see that the historical Birkenstock had come to stay, I was reluctant. If there were shoes that I hated were these ones. But as time went by and they started to appear in runways with alternative models, I give up on hating them. Fashion exists for having fun (or so I think), to take risks and reinvent our personal style. Said that, I am completely surrendered to Birkenstock and I'm already thinking of buying more models for the summer. 


This week mood: Spring.

(EN) Dresses. And the heat has finally arrived! All I can dream of are beautiful dresses and bared legs. Definitely have to take a day to do some shopping and update my (wide) wardrobe.
I leave you with some great options from online store Dressale that never disappoints me with its magnificent pieces.


There is no place like home.

Nostalgia. I haven´t moved yet and nostalgia already hit me. Since 3 years ago I spend very little time at my real home. I moved to Aveiro to attend the University there, but weekends were way too short to spend quality time. But in the next two months I will move to another house in another town. Although I am excited about this change, this will bring many more responsibilities. Now, I just hope this new chapter in my life will bring positive experiences!
So today I decided to take some photographs in my home, since the weather today didn´t help much. I´m seriously trying to use lighter colors to get completely accustomed for summer (sorry, but I just can´t wear a lot of black in the summer). And finally had the opportunity to show you my all time favorite necklace! And I loved his price: 2.99 euros!