August stars.

1- Sephora Instant Refreshing Toner // 2- Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation // 3- Sleek Matte Me in "Birthday Suit" // 4- Essence Eyebrow designer in "01- Black" //  5- Urban Decay "Naked Basics"

August. Where did August go? It seems like yesterday that I sat down at my computer to write about my July favorite beauty products. But here I am writing about my August favorites. It wasn´t a month filled with a lot of new products for me as my makeup remained fresh and simple, which is reflected in my favorites.

1. I discovered this Sephora toner in one of my trips to Lisbon and from there we are inseparable. It leaves my skin with a lovely scent (it smells like tea!) and freshness that reminds me of summer days. And the best:  my sensitive skins likes it.

2. This foundation is an old love of mine. I bought it earlier this year but with the the discovery of new products I forgot about it (silly me). But this month it returned to receive the love deserved. My skin is grateful for the hydration factor that this foundation provides as well the luminosity that I love so much. And it smells like fruit! A secret to my gorgeous readers, if you have oily skin, avoid it.

3. I think this product is no surprise to appear in this post. You must be bored of reading about it as I already gave my opinion of him in this post. But the fact is that is the lipstick I choose for any look and it never disappoints me.

4. I never needed to fill in my eyebrows in my life. Since the day a dear beautician has caused a spare spot in my right eyebrow, I had to reach for an eyebrow pencil. It is a small flaw so I didn´t want to spend a huge amount of money on a single product, so this Essence one meets the requirements well, cheap and does the job.

5. As I mentioned, my makeup, this month, was always something simple and quick. And I found myself reaching more than usual for this Urban Decay palette mainly the shade "Naked 2". All I do is dusting the shadow in my crease, put some mascara and I am good to go.

Tell me, is any product out there that I should try in September? I want to know your recommendations.


This week mood: white pants.

Source: We Heart It

Elegant. A new week means always, in here, another inspirational post. For this week I decided to inspire myself with white pants, which, for me, is a timeless and elegant piece for any season of the year. Although I usually wear them in autumn/winter and I have no idea why.



Almost. Summer is almost over. But that's not because of that I'm going to stop wearing my sandals and some bright colors. Although it´s getting colder, I can´t stop wearing them, and I´m completely obsessed with these white sandals, so low key but make so much of a difference to an outfit. And I started to wear my sweaters that I love so much!


Sleek Matte Me in "Birthday Suit": review.

Matte. You asked, I do! Last week when I talk to you about the choker I had bought, I showed you some pics where I was wearing this lipstick. You can see the post I'm talking about here. I asked you if you wanted my true opinion on this Sleek liquid lipstick and the response was positive.
"Birthday Suit" is a very beautiful pinky nude and I can say that complements almost all skin tones. As for the formula, the application is very smooth and easy because of the applicator. I am not going to lie and say it's a super comfortable lipstick to wear, because it is not, at least for me. If you  don´t let it completely dry, it becomes sticky. If you don´t scrub your lips before applying this lipstick, it will stick to dry patches and it won´t look attractive. It is, indeed, long wearing, without retouching and eating and drinking, lasts a solid 6 hours on my lips.
 Of the entire collection, 6 colors in total, this is the only one that I find myself wearing. The range of colors isn´t that good, this is the only nude, the other ones are reds, purples and roses.
In short, if they had more colors I eventually wear, I would buy another one, just because they are affordable and long wearing. Although if you scrub your lips and keep them hydrated, I assure you will not have problems with the formula.


This week mood: sweatshirts.

Source: We Heart It

Cozy. There's nothing I like more when I get dressed than comfort. Not that I will start walking around with sweatpants, but I love my sneakers and sweatshirts. Unfortunately, at least where I am, the days are starting to get colder and are calling for warmer sweaters. And of course, I took my sweatshirts out. In daily basis I like to wear them with black pants, sneakers and a nude makeup. Night wise I change for heels or flatforms and bold lips. So, nothing better than starting this week with an inspiration that will for sure that take part of my autumn wardrobe!



Personal. There is nothing more satisfying in life than achieving our goals, or at least have that feeling that we are on track. 3 months ago I began a journey that will be a long one, but it certainly is being rewarding, losing all the weight I gained over the past four years. When I went to university, I weighed 62 kilos and after 4 years I already weighed 78 kilos. As you can see, I gained a lot. This has led to a major insecurity issue and low self-esteem, I hated my body and everything I liked to wear fitted me the wrong way. Since three months ago, I decided to put an end to it and take control of my body, I decided I was going back to my 62 kilos. So far, I have lost 8 kilos and with no doubt feel more confident and, of course, clothes fit me better.
So take control of your life! If you find something that makes you uncomfortable, do not hesitate, do what you have to do to change it.


Dupe alert: Iconic Pro 1.

Dupe. Long time ago I was in love with the Lorac Pro Palette 1. Unfortunately it isn´t for sale in Portugal (insert sad face). Of course there were solutions but the price of shipping was unthinkable. Recently, I met a cosmetics brand, the Makeup Revolution, a British low cost cosmetic brand. As I was discovering the different products suddenly realized that some were quite similar to luxury brand products. But the one that caught my eye was this pallet, the Iconic Pro 1, similar to the Lorac Pro 1. Color wise, the resemblance is enormous. Quality wise I don´t believe it is the same, but I never tried the Lorac one, but the price difference is huge (although it sometimes doesn´t mean anything!). The Iconic Pro 1 is a more economical solution, it´s only about 8 Euros and the quality meets the price. The matte shadows are very pigmented but the remaining take some time to build them to the desired color. But it is a great palette. I highly recommend it and you can buy it here.