The issue.

Play. I was having a huge desire to buy a playsuit but the truth is I couldn´t find any that I really liked or one that fits me. Lately I've noticed that most stores don´t make clothes for curvy girls, but for the skinny (without literally no boobs and no butt) that fashion created. Maybe I'll touch a sensitive spot but it has to be said and I hope someday to actually change some minds. In the world there aren´t only (too) skinny women, in fact, most women have (beautiful) curves. But unfortunately, with the clothing that is sold becomes almost impossible to show curves with pride. That said I have had extreme difficulty in finding a playsuit for me. Tired of searching, I decided to play with an old dress and make him a playsuit. And the result is here, a perfect one for my body. Oh, remember when I told you about the only hat that fits in my little head? Here it is in all its gorgeousness! 


Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation: review.

(EN) Foundation. Today I will talk about my everyday makeup basic: foundation. With light or full coverage, I can no longer leave the house without it. Even if I don´t have time for full makeup, I don´t pass foundation, mascara, and lipgloss, it always gives me a fresh face, especially in the morning. When I started to see some reviews on this Rimmel foundation I was amazed, it looked like a miracle product! So I decided to buy, try it and share my opinion with you. 

(PT) Base. Hoje venho falar-vos um pouco de um produto básico do quotidiano: a base. Com pouca ou muita cobertura, já não consigo sair de casa sem ela. Mesmo que não tenha tempo para o resto, não abdico da base, da máscara e de um lipgloss, sempre dá outro ar à cara, principalmente de manhã. Quando comecei a ver algumas reviews sobre esta base da Rimmel fiquei espantada, parecia um produto milagroso! Por isso decidi comprar, experimentar e partilhar convosco a minha opinião. 


This week mood: Hats.

Holy shade. One of the biggest disadvantages of having a small head (but perfectly proportioned) is not finding hats that fit me. Each time I try and fall in love with one, is truly disappointing, not only they are massively huge, but I can completely bury my all head in them. I know what you are thinking: customize hats. But girls, let's be honest, they are crazy expensive and you know that my blog envolves the incessant search for cheaper stuff (without compromising style, of course). At this moment I have a few hats in my possession, but honestly only one is the perfect size. And let me tell you, he was my best friend at the weekend because, as I told you, my skin is extremely sensitive so I have to protect it. It is the perfect accessory for all year, whether for the rain or the intense sun. So I'll leave you with some homework: if you know any store, online or not, that sells hats in small sizes, just let me know in the comments!


The shorts situation.

Casual. Apparently I didn´t publish a look for months (upsssss, bad blogger)! But now that I have my life organized I can finally devote some extra time to this space that has brought me so much joy, new friendships, experiences and above all a lot of fun! Therefore and continuing the last inspiration post, I present you my beautiful black shorts that I have been wearing to dead (not joking!). 
Simple looks are always my favorite ones, so those who don´t know me (yet) must learn that I don´t wear elaborate looks, I love my basics. My upgrade to simple outfits is to highlight the accessories, in other words, wear unique pieces that make a statement, as the case of the earring I'm wearing or the sandals. So, find ways to make your outfit interesting. 


Beauty cravings.

Trying. In order to continue my beauty/beauty products posts, today I bring you some of the products I want to buy (really) soon. Lately I have devoted some time to look for more information on makeup and consequently I have been following several beauty vloggers on youtube, mostly to find out what are the best products out there, new makeup techniques and many other things. Well, coming to the main point, I wanted to create a simple makeup routine for everyday but one that I could easily adapt for a night look. In short, I am learning a lot and have already managed to acquire a beauty routine. So, I still have many products I want to buy, from cheap brands to luxury ones. Today I am going to show you the cheapest options I want to get. If you already have any of these let me know what you think!
1. Naked Basics. Urban Decay / 2. Volum'Express The Falsies. Maybelline / 3. Casting Sunkiss Jelly. L'Oreal / 4. Colorburst Matte Balm. Revlon.


This week mood: shorts.

Fresh. With the beginning of August and the tremendous heat that has been on the past few days, I have a huge problem with building fresh good looking looks. I came across that the best solution would be shorts, mainly those cut loose and in neutral colors. Despite not having a wide variety of them, those who I already have allow me to create outfits for different occasions. I promise that this week I show you an outfit with my latest purchase, some beautiful black shorts! Until then I leave you with some beautiful inspirations for this hot August month.


Summer skin care.

Source: We heart it

Skin. First of all, today is the day for a new label on the blog. That's right, I'll start posting about beauty, specifically my beauty routines, my favorite products, new products that promise wonders, some review's if you want, but mostly some tricks and skin care that I acquired over time with different experiences. I warn you that everything I´ll talk here works with my skin but it may not work so well with yours. So try different products until you find the perfect balance for your skin!
So with that said, I find appropriate for summer and for my very first beauty post, a little talk about my skin care routine for a day on the beach. Starting with my skin type: besides having the misfortune to have an extremely dry skin, I also have a sensitive one (genetics, thank you). So the ideal for me is to moisturize and protect the most. So, what I do before leaving the house to go to the beach is first applying a moisturizer all over my body. I'm currently using (and abusing) the "Purely Pampering" with coconut milk and jasmine petals for dry skin from Dove. I bought this product on sale at a drugstore and since then I haven´t used anything else, besides moisturize my skin quite well, also leaves a pleasant scent. Makes you want to lick all your skin (ok, joking!). After leaving it dry (and act), the essential step: sunscreen. After several failed attempts, I finally found one suitable for my skin (Yei me!), the "Sun Protection SPF 50+" for sensitive skin from Farline. Since I started using this sunscreen I never suffered from sunburns anymore (I also have a very light skin) and also helped with moisturizing my skin. Two words to describe it: LOVE IT! To replace my usual facial cream (which I'll talk on another post) I use "Hydrance Optimale Light Protective Hydrating Cream SPF 20" for sensitive skin from Avène. Of course that is not enough so I apply a light layer of my Farline sunscreen too. And I'm ready for a day on the sun with my protected skin! The best advices I can give you are finding out your skin type and suit the different products. Don´t purchase those that claim to be right for all skin types. Your skin is unique and deserve good care, never forget that.