Beauty cravings.

Trying. In order to continue my beauty/beauty products posts, today I bring you some of the products I want to buy (really) soon. Lately I have devoted some time to look for more information on makeup and consequently I have been following several beauty vloggers on youtube, mostly to find out what are the best products out there, new makeup techniques and many other things. Well, coming to the main point, I wanted to create a simple makeup routine for everyday but one that I could easily adapt for a night look. In short, I am learning a lot and have already managed to acquire a beauty routine. So, I still have many products I want to buy, from cheap brands to luxury ones. Today I am going to show you the cheapest options I want to get. If you already have any of these let me know what you think!
1. Naked Basics. Urban Decay / 2. Volum'Express The Falsies. Maybelline / 3. Casting Sunkiss Jelly. L'Oreal / 4. Colorburst Matte Balm. Revlon.

Experimentar. Na onda de continuar as minhas publicações sobre beleza/produtos de beleza hoje trago-vos alguns produtos que pretendo adquirir brevemente. Ultimamente tenho dedicado algum tempo a procurar mais informação sobre maquilhagem e consequentemente tenho acompanhado diversas vloggers no youtube, maioritariamente para descobrir quais os melhores produtos que andam por aí, técnicas de maquilhagem e afins. Bem, chegando ao ponto fulcral, eu queria desenvolver uma rotina simples de maquilhagem, para todos os dias mas que fosse facilmente adaptada para um look de noite. Resumindo, ando a aprender imenso e inclusive já consegui adquirir uma rotina de beleza. Posta esta conversa de parte, ainda tenho muitos produtos que quero comprar, tanto de marcas baratas como de marcas de luxo. Hoje mostro-vos as opções mais baratas que quero obter. Se já possuírem algum destes produtos digam-me o que acham!
1. Naked Basics. Urban Decay / 2. Volum´Express The Falsies. Maybelline / 3. Casting Sunkiss Jelly. L´oréal / 4. Colorburst Matte Balm. Revlon. 

Love, Inês


  1. Great products!! kisses!!


  2. I LOVEEEE THE NAKED BASICS!! Love everything actually!

  3. i think urban decay is everyone's love!


  4. Hi, great selection of products, greetings.


  5. Great products ! Would love to know more about the falsies ! Following you with GFC and bloglovin !


  6. I love the Urban Decay palette


  7. The only product here that I have tried is the mascara. It is pretty good. I would also like to try a Naked palette after hearing so much about them. Let me know if you would like to follow each other.

  8. i like the urban decay

  9. I love your number 2 craving! I have the same one and I love it so so much! :) makes my lashes look fake and sexy! no joke!! I am now your new follower :) come take a peek at my latest post and see what you think about true self love! XO-M

  10. Great Post! :)
    Love the Naked basics <3